The Artistic Nude photo shoot is designed to be simple but stunning. Using soft, high contrast lighting to body sculpt and draw attention to the curves and shape of the body. Whilst this photo shoot works best for naked portraits, it can, if you are feeling self-conscious or less confident, be done "implied nude" using silk fabric or even just hands to cover any areas you do not want to expose. Your images will be tasteful nudes, but if you do want to give them an erotic edge, you can do that too.

Although the word "nude" may make this type of shoot seem daunting, the Artistic Nude is a very natural, flattering and very tasteful form of photography. The poses are very simple and work well for all body shapes. If you are feeling adventurous, we can finish the shoot with some water droplet shots which give a fantastic effect on the skin - ideal if you want a naked portrait for your bathroom!

You can combine many differents aspects with in the shoot and we will always give you time to build your confidence. You don’t need anything for this shoot if you are comfortable to go nude, but you can bring along a set of lingerie if you feel you may decide not to get naked.

This is one of Picha Photographic's speciality styles and works especially well if you are looking for an art nude portrait photobook or for your walls at home.