There is something so magical about being pregnant – despite all of the discomfort and niggles!

You are growing a new life, a unique person, and your body is amazing.
I specialise in sensual and nude pregnancy photography, and love to celebrate a pregnant woman’s body and really show off your beautiful bump!
Classic and timeless, these sessions can either be held indoors, at your own home or in a studio environment with a mix of editorial style imagery and classy nudes carefully lit to celebrate your changing shape, or outdoors on location (weather permitting) for a more natural look.
Your maternity session is best scheduled for any time in your 28th-36th week, when your bump is looking gorgeous but before you are feeling too uncomfortable and tired. That said, every woman is different and this is just a guideline, you can book as early or as late as you please!
I can come to you to discuss any ideas you wish to include in the shoot and to help you prepare for the day and make the most of our time together
Pregnancy photography sessions typically last 2 hours. Select a few different outfits that you feel good in, and leave the rest to me!
This also a great time to combine your session with having your hair and make up done – it’s a good idea to find a professional hair and make up artist to ensure that you look fabulous for your time in front of the lens.
If you would like to include your partner or older children, they are of course welcome!